Low Uric Acid Dalmatians

This website is dedicated to the sharing of information about LUA Dalmatians. The idea for the site came from a world wide interest in LUA Dalmatians evident in the number of home pages and discussion groups on the subject that have been created in recent years. There is already a strong spirit of cooperation displayed by breeders and supporters of LUA Dalmatians.

This site will contain articles, written over the long years of LUA Dalmatian development. Volunteers have already begun the work of translating articles into many languages. But this site is intended to be more than a collection of articles. The goal is to encourage both learning about the science and history behind LUA Dalmatians and discussion among breeders about breeding Dalmatians for the future.

We want the site to be a dynamic gathering place for those who are interested in Dalmatians. Once the basic elements of the site have been completed, discussion boards will be opened is several languages. The boards will have built in translation tools to make communication easier. We hope to enlist the participation of knowledgeable people – long time Dalmatian breeders, veterinarians and scientists – to offer their valuable perspectives during discussions.

While the site is under construction, we will be using a Facebook discussion group as a way for people to meet and to coordinate/delegate the translation of articles. We want to hear from you about what information you would like to see on the LUA Dalmatians World site. Please join us in making this site a great tool for all Dalmatians breeders.

Please click here: www.facebook.com/groups/luadals