Stocklore Squire of Britannia

Stocklore Squire of Britannia - "Squire"

Stocklore Jacob's Ladder (LUA) Am. Can. Ch. Clockgate's Beau Geste Ch. Melody Dramatic Ch. Long Last Kelso
Ch. Melody Blue Velvet
Am. Can. Ch. Clogate's Crystal Countess  Ch. Roundhill Blacksmith
Clockgate's Chateau Gay
Stocklore Stipples (LUA)  Stocklore BC3 Son (LUA) Stocklore's Sir Nayro CD
Stocklore BC2 Daughter (LUA) 
Stocklore Star of Montjuic  Ch. Malal de Montjuic
Stocklore Stoccato
Robinwood's Apple Jack Annie  Ch. Count Miguel of Tuckaway Ch. Lord Jim Am. Can. Coachman's Chuck-A-Luck
Coachman's Candy Cane
Ch. Tuckaway Dinah Ch. Coachman's Canicula
Ch. Labyrinth Sleigh Belle
Robinwood's Corpus Christi Coachman's Cup O'Luck Ch. Cochman's Lucky Cuss
Ch. Coachman's Cup O'Tea
Robinwood's Brown Sugar Samson K Dalar
Molly Belle