RFBCN Blackeyed Susan

RFBCN Blackeyed Susan - "Susan"

RFBCN stands for Rambler (Joanne Nash’s kennel name) Forrest (Holly Nelson’s kennel name) BackCross Normal.

Sunspot's Rambler Ottomatic Paisley's A Change of Pace Ch. Long Last Living Legend Long Last Coppersmith
Ch. Long Last Limoge
Ch. Paisley's A Touch of Class CD  Ch. Panore of Watseka 
Ch. Melody Up Up and Away CD
Ch. Royal Oaks Liberty Belle Lakeside's Bit-A-Mischief  Ch. Lakeside's A Crestview Dandy
Ch. Crestview Melissa
Greenbriar's Hint of Havoc Ch. Little Abner of Spotzwehl
Tara of Greenbriar
Stocklore Stipples (LUA) Stocklore BC3 Son (LUA) Stocklore Sir Nayro CD Am. Can. Ch. Coachman's Cuck-A-Luck
Lady Godiva
Stocklore BC2 Daughter (LUA) Stocklore BC1 Son (LUA)
Stocklore Stripper
Stocklore Star of Montjuic Ch. Malal de Montjuic Ch. Dogtowne's Patrick Macushla
Ch. Crown Jewel's Schatzie
Stocklore Stoccato  Am. Can. Ch. Coachman's Chuck-A-Luck
Lady Godiva