Aberdeen's Inevitable

Aberdeen's Inevitable - "Evita"

Ch. TNG's The Untouchable at DXL Arg. Ch. TNG N Zagreb's Forever Tango Am. Est. Fin. Int. Ch. TNG N Zagreb The Temptation Arg. Bra. Gr. Int. Ch. Caravan Zagreb The Challenger
Riverside's Regal Rose
Am. Gr. Int. Ch. Zagreb's Chelsea Ch. Caravan Zagreb The Challernger
Ch. Zagreb Delight 
Zdar N TNG Great Escape TNG N Zdars Hitman Ch. TNG's Time Traveler
Ch. TNG N Zagreb Forbidden Dance
TNG N Riverside's Magnolea Ch. Riverside's Soloflex CCR MGR
Riverside's Regal Rose
Aberdeen's Angelina (LUA) UKC Gr. Ch. Stocklore Top Spot (LUA) UKC Ch. Stocklore Amber Sun (LUA) Ch. Matchless Image of Folklore
Bonderman's Selina (LUA)
UKC Ch. Stocklore Budgette Buster (LUA) Stocklore Squire of Britannia (LUA)
Stocklore Status Quo
Ch. Aberdeen's Twilight Time Aberdeen's Back to the Future Ch. Aberdeen's Sawyer Brown
Ch. Spotsalot In the Nick of Time
Hi-Flyer Salem of Aberdeen Am. Can. Ch. Roadpartner Billie Holiday
Aberdeen's Magic Flute