Aberdeen's All That Jazz

Aberdeen's All That Jazz - "Jazz"

UKCGrCh. Stocklore Top Spot (LUA) Ch. Stocklore Amber Sun (LUA) Ch. Matchless Image of Folklore Ch. Folklore's Louis L'Amour
Ch. Matchless Telltale Talisman CGC TT 
Bonderman's Selena (LUA) Stocklore Buddy 
Stocklore April Rose (LUA)
UKC Ch. Stocklore Budgette Buster (LUA) Stocklore Squire of Britannia (LUA) Stocklore Jacob's Ladder (LUA)
Robinwood's Apple Jack Annie
Stocklore Status Quo Stocklore Keynote
Robinwood's Apple Jack Annie
Ch. Aberdeen's Twilight Time Aberdeen's Back to the Future  Ch. Aberdeen's Sawyer Brown Ch. Madurhason's Yazoo
Ch. Aberdeen Measure for Measure
Ch. Spotsalot In the Nick of Time Ch. Madurhason's Aberdeen
Spotsalot Mita's Copy
Hi-Flyer Salem of Aberdeen Am. Can. Ch. Roadpartner Billie Holiday Ch. Tuckaway Augusta ROMX
Can. Ch. Countryroad Racy Roadpartner
Aberdeen's Magic Flute Ch. Aberdeen Madurhason Caliban
Ch. Aberdeen Madurhason Sonata